If you could live anywhere where would you live and why? If you could live in an anime world, where and why?

1) My 8 year old self would punch me in the nards if I didn’t mention sailor moon because I seriously thought when I turned 14 I *was* going to be a sailor scout. 

2) Persona universe so I could have IRL persona pals

3) Any generic fantasy universe because dragons rule

Who is your OTP with p3 male and female protag?

P3 male and Aigis

Akihiko and myself P3 female protag

What are your favorite Persona pairings?

In order:

Naoto x Narukami
Akihiko x Minako
Naoto x Kanji
Chie x Yukiko
Akihiko x Mitsuru

I sorta count you already did akihiko, also just curious but y not marie? If it has something to do with the reveal of her origin just say because I'm still playing p4g, I'm pathetic T_T

It has nothing to do with her origin. Actually, her origin/dungeon are the only thing I like about her. Her personality is terrible, lol.


Sailor Moon Crystal LE Blu-ray Vol. 2 art featuring Sailor Mercury!


Sailor Moon Crystal LE Blu-ray Vol. 2 art featuring Sailor Mercury!


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when i’m saying bye to my friend


Who would you not cosplay as

See: Recent post about Marie from Persona 4 Golden

when was last time your heard a song that went so dumb that you wanted to spikick god?

I was trying to listen to stuff that I liked from high school this weekend because it was nice and autumny out. So I put on panic at the disco.

After TRYING (and skipping) three songs I was like wow this is trash and super awful.

Hahaha. Of course it was me. You said ask questions on anon, not hide your identity. =P Also, I fully approve of robot waifu time! Are you going to have a Labrys?

No idea. I could ask around :-O

Chrissy would make a bangin’ Labrys but she’s got her hands full with Diablo plans for Katsu, I think.

I issue a challenge to do all the female characters in p3/p4 and at least 2 more males. But you are sublime I have no doubt that with time you will succeed


I jest. But I’m working my way through the roster slowly but surely. 

[X] Naoto
[X] Chie
[X] Rise
[  ] Yukiko (MAGfest?)
[  ] Margaret
[  ] Marie  lol never you cant make me
[  ] Mitsuru (I have everything I just need to actually wear it)
[  ] Aigis (Katsucon is my goal)
[  ] Fuuka
[  ] Yukari (I dont like her so she’s bottom rung priority)
[X] Elizabeth
[  ] Minako

Maybe Labrys at some point. Prob never Metis. I wanna do Ai Ebihara but no more peripheral characters.

I wanna do Junpei, Akihiko, Yosuke, and Narukami too. LOL

What are your top 5 animes

1) Gurren Lagann
2) Fushigi Yugi
3) Madoka Magica
4) Neon Genesis Evangelion
5) Rurouni Kenshin

Miyazaki movies not included.

Mwuhahaha. Nobody can do justice to Yukiko's greatness, but that doesn't mean they should quit trying. Speaking of cons at the Gaylord, do you have any idea what your Katsu lineup is going to be?

:P I knew it was youuuuu

P sure I wanna try for Aigis finally. Robot wife time.


Cowboy Bebop DVD Session covers